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Thoughts from a Spinner

Thoughts from a Spinner

So the world has figured out that repetitive hand motion calms the mind
Not a very new discovery- just another on of those things that got lost along the way.
All throughout the prehistory and history of mankind- humans have been creating  stone tools, bows, arrowheads,  baskets, spinning fibers, building, planting, harvesting- this is what man does.
An then it all  stopped
In the name of progress  all these monotonous and menial tasks were replaced by machinery in order to free ourselves for bigger and better things.

So now were over stressed and have an inability to focus and it’s getting harder on the next generations.

Our hands have become rather useless and have lost dexterity- We are stressed, with an inability to unwind without the use of endless distractions. We can’t focus, our kids can’t focus.

In short we are left to reinvent the wheel -Spinning is nice.. rather useless but nice. I am just hoping that this new found dexterity will lead us to something a little more useful- How about spinning wool?? Lunacy! soo primitive, what a waste of time.. How about reintroducing craft classes into schools?  not gluing- I mean really learning how to make things.

See this is no great secret to artists and craftspeople – we know how creating calms and frees the mind.

So go learn to weave a basket, find a neighbor who still crochets, teach your kids – cause it’s not menial and not meaningless.

It will free your mind.


Suri Provisor at Kedma Ancient Crafts


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