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Woven Tallit-Prayer Shawl

Woven Tallit-Prayer Shawl

The Kedma Tallit  is handwoven from pure cotton. The  tzitzit are tied with tchelet  from the “P’til Tchelet” company. The beauty of a handwoven tallit is that it is made for you, and of course it means that you can order the color schemes of your choice, from a subtle white on white to a vibrant rainbow. I  make  shawl  and full sized tallitot.

Kedma Classic Style

Shawl size -

$220 – 25′x75′ -additional $50 for “Ptil Tchelet” tzitzi

$280-36″x75″ -additional $50 for “Ptil Tchelet” tzitzit

Full size-both sizes are woven in two pieces, option for decorative join is an additional $40

$420-50″x 75″-additional $50 for Ptil Tchelet tzitzit

$450-60″x75″- additional$50 for Ptil Tchelet tzitzit

Warp- Striped Style-Joseph Rainbow, Tohar whites, Judah ,blue/ purple /black on white base

$200-25″ x 75″

$260-36″ x 75″

$400-50″ x 75″

$430-60″x 75″

Please order at least 6 weeks in advance for special orders



  • Jerry says:

    I was wondering the size of the tallit gadol that you make and are there any pictures so I can better choose the colors and look of the tallit?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jerry

      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. If you’re still interested in the tallit let me know and I will send you some pictures and options.

  • Don says:

    Can you please send me some pictures and options for a tallit.


  • ann says:

    Dear Suri,
    I ordered a Josephs tallit via Ben’s Tallit Shop.It arrived today. Beautiful and the weave and colors are awesome! This will make a wonderful gift to the one that I will give it to. Do you make women’s style tallit?
    Thank you for taking time in crafting such beauty.

  • Richard Cortes says:

    Shalom Suri,

    I would like to order a woven tallit gadol. Could you guide me as to how to order from your website? also, do you have some samples of made tallits? I am in Florida, USA and would like to have one before the fall feast.



    • admin says:

      Hi Richard
      Not sure if I got back to you- I’m quite booked up till the holidays, but will be happy to weave you a tallit if you’re still interested.
      Shana Tova

  • Erin Isaacs says:

    I’m looking to get a custom tallit made and I love your work. I’m looking for a deep purple tallit with crimson threads intermixed. The wrap is for me and I’m looking for something that I can wrap around me during davenning so much bigger than a traditional woman’s shawl (I’m thinking approx. 50×75).My inspiration for my tallit comes from a blog posting:


  • Richard Cortes says:

    Shalom Suri,

    This is Richard. I still would like a tallit. What size is the full size?

    Shana Tova

    • admin says:

      Perfect timing- I’m freeing up from some previous orders.A 50″ tallit has to be woven in two pieces. You have to decide between a traditional weft stripe or an overall warp stripe. will send pics-
      Meanwhile think about colors and if you want “tchelet” blue Tzitzit.

  • Richard Cortes says:

    I like the one in your page. The smaller picture. I would like a 50W x 75L
    Do you have samples to show of previous made one?


  • Josephine aynat-Molina says:

    I would love to see some samples of your work. I would love to wear a Tallis at my synagogue for morning prayers…. Josephine

  • Allison sagadencky says:

    I wonder if you would please send m pictures of the white striped

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