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Weaving Workshops

backstrap weaving on Pessach

An exploration of the world of fiber from the viewpoint of an ancient Israelite

Spinning   Dyeing   Felting  Weaving

It starts with a “hands on” demonstration about the use of wool and other natural fibers used since ancient times.

Weaving is taught on a variety of looms:

Backstrap/Bedouin Ground Looms/Standing Navaho Looms/Inkle Belt Looms and Modern Floor Looms

The backstrap loom is used to teach groups, it’s a great portable loom that you can take home with you, small groups can learn Bedouin weaving that can be set up in anyone’s garden, and Navaho looms are used for group projects, Inkle looms can be ordered with professional instruction.

“Rikma Enoshit” -Group weaving projects for a class or family event. The class or family gets a unique woven piece made by all the guests.

Special workshops for 6th grade Bat Mitzva classes where the girls and their mothers can reconnect and learn the skills of their great great.. grandmothers.

Special workshops for school groups learning about the weaving and other crafts necessary for building the mishkan.



  • Tova Nussbaum says:

    I am interested in learning how to weave. I live in Ramat Beit Shemesh.
    Any ideas? Please be in touch. My phone number is 02-992-3825. Thanks.

  • Goldie Weltscher says:

    Hello, do you have a hands on demonstration of weaving like they did in the second beis hamikdosh?


    How long are the workshops and are they scheduled or do you work with small groups — 4 or 5 people — at a mutually convenient time? What are the costs?

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